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Merchant Focus Point of Sale
Are you in Canada?

Merchant Focus is proud to offer services to our friends doing business up north.

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Do you currently process over $250,000 annually in Visa/MC?

Merchant Focus offers premium accounts with no monthly fees, and all established merchants qualify for "Interchange-Plus" pricing.

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Sign up today and you will receive the Merchant Focus POS FREE and a FREE USB Card Reader with your approved merchant account!

The Merchant Focus POS is a downloadable app on the Google Chrome website that provides retailers with an excellent opportunity to turn their Mac or PC into a payment terminal.  The POS is a simple, all in one web based solution to credit card processing for businesses and start-ups. The POS also offers a simple checkout screen and a transaction log so that you can perform tracking, refunds and voids.  The Merchant Focus POS is the simplest, most efficient way for retailers and business owners to process credit cards directly from their computer, netbook or laptop. 


  • Free Magtek USB card reader compatible with MAC, PC, and Google Chromebooks
  • Process a sale, refund or void from your computer
  • Accept and track cash and check sales
  • Completely customizable - choose your color, upload your logo and contact information
  • Track your sales with a Transaction Log and Graphs
  • Print or Email receipts to customers
  • Customizable receipts, with a section for your personalized marketing message, and room for a QR code
  • Ability to track customer contact information for future marketing
  • Assign a user ID for each employee

Merchant Account Rates & Fees:

  • Qualified Rate: 1.74%
  • Mid-Qualified Rate: 2.29%
  • Non-Qualified Rate: 3.29%
  • Transaction Fee: $0.29
  • Monthly Fee: $25.00  (Authorize.Net Gateway fee of $15.00 & Statement fee of $10.00)
  • USB Magtek Card Reader: $0.00 ($79 value)

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If you have any questions or need more information on Merchant Focus POS please contact us at:

Or by phone at 800-895-4085 ext 2.