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Reseller Program
Merchant Focus = Reseller Opportunities

By partnering with Merchant Focus you can offer your clients a wide array of programs that will serve them and their current credit card processing needs while increasing your monthly revenue at the same time. Our Reseller Program allows you to offer your clients multiple merchant programs across mobile, retail and e-commerce.

Programs You Can Offer:

You may offer a Mobile Merchant Account Service your customers who are on the go or working in the field. We now ship a card reader for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android. This hardware will come FREE OF CHARGE with the activation of a new merchant account and there is no long term contract involved.

With our Retail Merchant Accounts you can offer your clients lower swipe rates for face-to-face transactions. You can also offer your customers terminals, which they own, or a retail Authorize.Net account.

Our E-commerce Program allows you to offer e-commerce merchant accounts to your customers that process transaction from their website.

Offering The Best Customer Service Experience To Your Customers:

When a merchant application is referred, the applicant is immediately assigned an account representative to assist them through the application and underwriting process. The underwriting process typically takes 2 to 3 business days.

Once the underwriting process is concluded, the account representative assists your customer with the integration of their Authorize.Net account into their app on their mobile device or website. For your customers who have purchased a terminal for retail transactions, the representative will assure that training on the device is completed.

Marketing Your Merchant Account Program

You simply embed the links we provide which track your referrals on your site, and encourage your merchants to sign up. We provide marketing messages and graphics, and sales support. All applications and Referral forms include YOUR LOGO and DBA, as well as our toll free sales number and live chat functionality.

There are a few ways we can integrate our online merchant account application into your website:

  1. A co-branded application that you can place on your website for customers to sign up. This is a very simple process and only requires you to strategically advertise these links on your website.
  2. Via our API which allows you to host the application on your site. If you have interest in our API, please let us know and we can provide you more details.

To learn more about becoming a Reseller, please contact us at 800-895-4085 ext. 6 or email our team at If you would like to Enroll Now, please CLICK HERE.