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Branded Applications
Marketing Merchant Focus to your clients so they can sign up for world class processing solutions has been made as smooth and efficient as possible for you.

You simply embed the links we provide which track your referrals (and hence your revenue!) on your site, and encourage your merchants to sign up. We provide marketing messages and graphics, and sales support every step of the way. All applications and Referral forms include YOUR LOGO and DBA, as well as our toll free sales number and live chat functionality.

Larger clients processing over $250,000 annually in Visa/MC sales will be directed to your branded
Premium Interchange-Plus Pricing REFERRAL SPLASH PAGE where you will promote Interchange-Plus pricing with no monthly fees of any kind.


  • The reason our Premium page features a "referral form" instead of an actual online application is that larger clients do not receive one size fits all pricing. Every prospective client receives a custom proposal for their processing needs, and so must submit their current Visa/MC statements for analysis. Once the merchant submits their data to us via the branded Statement Analysis Form, we send them a personalized email response with details on how to submit their current processing statements. In addition, one of our experienced sales executives will contact the merchant promptly.

    Once we agree to pricing with your client, we will then send them a customized secure Premium Interchange-Plus Pricing link:

    Premium Interchange-Plus Pricing Custom Application:

  • New & smaller clients will be directed to your branded Merchant Focus SECURE ONLINE APPLICATION where you will promote world-class merchant services featuring the Authorize.Net payment gateway as a bundled solution. The rates and fees offered by Merchant Focus are extremely competitive and are presented right on the application, so that merchants can "self serve" and complete their application in minutes. While these merchant accounts feature standard three tiered billing of Qualified, Mid-Qualified and Non-Qualified rates, there are some important differences! We have no Termination Fees or Termination Penalties, and we guarantee never to raise rates unless V/MC increases Interchange.

    Merchant Focus Branded Online Application:

  • To learn more about becoming a Reseller, please contact us at 800-895-4085 ext. 6 or email our team at