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Experience Counts:
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Our management team learned a lot running the largest merchant account reseller program in the industry, with 4000 resellers referring over 12,000 merchant accounts a year. We learned the obvious of course, that brand new and smaller merchants are very happy to be approved for a high quality merchant account with low pricing.
What it took us more time to recognize was that the largest most profitable clients either 1) did not participate in the program at all or 2) once participating merchants grew large enough, they left for a processor that could provide the Interchange-Plus merchant accounts they deserved. The Premium Interchange-Plus Pricing program is specifically designed to help you tap into this most profitable merchant segment, your established and thriving clients.

Underwriting Database
Are you a proactive reseller?

As Merchant Focus reseller, you can be confident that we make every effort to ensure the underwriting process that takes your clients from application to approval is as seamless and easy as possible. However, we know from experience that some resellers like to be more pro-active in assisting their merchants through the underwriting process. As a Merchant Focus reseller, you have access to our real time underwriting reports which show where your client is in the process, who their Underwriter is, and what additional information or documents are missing. Did you know that the single biggest factor to delay the setup of a merchant account is slow response time from the applicant to an underwriter's request for additional information? With this powerful reseller tool, you'll be able to see exactly what data the underwriters have requested, and help encourage your clients to provide their information so they can get approved and setup without delay.

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Residual Reports
Want to know how your merchants are doing?

Our online residual reporting allows you to monitor your clients' performance and review your recurring revenue online (of course you also receive a check in the mail every single month there is income from your accounts, no minimum check account or quarterly payments like some of our competitors). In addition, you can identify high volume profitable accounts to pro-actively offer established merchant pricing before they begin to look elsewhere.
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