Best Credit Card Processing for Online Business

Who offers the best credit card processing for online business? Our clients at Merchant Focus say that we offer more merchant account benefits than other agencies, and we tend to believe they’re right. If you need a secure payment processor on your website or in your retail store, we have an affordable solution that will help you give your customers a very secure method of payment using their credit cards. Best of all, our services cost less than you probably think.

5 Reasons to Choose Merchant Focus For Credit Card Processing For Online Businesses

1. We’re budget-conscious at Merchant Focus, so you won’t have to worry about being overcharged for merchant account services, like eCommerce solutions. Compare our fees with other agencies and you’ll see that we offer the best overall value- not just the best price. We welcome your phone call at 800-895-4085 if you have any questions or inquiries about our fee schedule.

2. We streamline small business credit card payment processing for your online customers, so they won’t have to struggle during the checkout process on your website. It’s proven that even a slight glitch during checkout is enough to cause customers to click out of one website and find the same product or service from another site. If you can’t afford to lose business to a payment gateway mishap, choose Merchant Focus for the best credit card processing for online business sites.

3. We beat all other credit card processing companies in terms of customer service. Our agents are committed to helping you achieve your goals when you reach out to us for merchant services. If you’ve received a rejection notice from your bank regarding your merchant account, we invite you to contact us to see why we are a better option than a conventional lender.

4. If you’re deemed a high-risk merchant, we can still approve your application for a merchant account without singling you out because of your industry. We’ve helped clients in various high-risk industries get set up online with eCommerce solutions that allow them to compete with other businesses. We happen to think every business owner deserves the right to compete in today’s high-paced market.

5. You’re more than a customer to us at Merchant Focus- you’re the reason we exist in the first place. If you’re tired of the run-around you've gotten from a conventional bank or credit union, we welcome your phone call or email communication to inquire about our merchant services. Rest assured, we will do everything possible to help you succeed as a business owner by offering the best credit card processing for online business.

We have an eCommerce strategy designed to fit your budget at Merchant Focus. It’s no secret why we have established our agency as a leading provider of payment gateway services- we care about our clients and we care about the quality of service we offer to every business owner who reaches out to us for credit card processing services.