Frequently asked Questions

What is a surcharge?

A surcharge, also known as a checkout fee, is an additional fee that a merchant adds to the listed or stated purchase price to cover the cost of credit card acceptance.

What can I surcharge?

Surcharging applies only to credit transactions in the U.S. and U.S. territories. Debit and prepaid cannot be surcharged.

Can all businesses do it?

Any merchant in a qualified state (42 out of 50 States) may elect to surcharge by following all the requirements set by credit card networks. Merchants may not Surcharge if they are located in the following States: Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma and Texas.

Is there a limitation on how much I can surcharge?

This fee is capped at 3% or the merchant’s actual cost of acceptance, whichever is lower.

How do I let my customers know about the surcharge before they check out?

Once enrolled into merchant surcharge program, we will provide you with the terminal that displays the surcharge on the receipt. You will also be provided with the signage to be displayed at your business location.

Returns and occasional chargebacks sound very complicated with the surcharge?

Merchant Surcharge makes it very simple. On a chargeback or a return the purchase amount plus the surcharge will be credited to the cardholder.

*Merchant Focus will provide a free surcharge compliant terminal for all qualified merchant

See how much you can save

Use the calculator below to determine your potential savings on an annual basis

$ 7500 /yr.

Potential Savings with MerchantSurcharge

Annual Credit Card Processing Volume
*Calculation is based on annual credit card processing volume multiplied by 3%

The following states do not allow surcharge: CO, CT, KS, ME, MA, OK, AND TX.

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