Best Merchant Services for Small Business

Merchant Focus is proud to offer our clients the best merchant services for small business. If you need to get up and running fast, we have an affordable solution that will resolve your payment gateway problems. Small businesses in every industry trust us for eCommerce through Authorize.Net, high-risk credit card processing, retail merchant options, and mobile device terminals, all designed to quickly grow your business. We are the best credit card processor for your online or storefront business.

What Makes Merchant Focus the Best For Small Business and New Startups?

1. Credit card processing at the lowest prices. When you compare our services and rates with other credit card processing companies, you’ll see why we have earned a reputation for excellence among our peers and among clients, as well. It’s true- you don’t have to spend a lot of money getting set up with a new business, and you shouldn’t have to settle for second-rate service from a lending institution. Contact one of our agents by calling 800-895-4085 to inquire about the costs of credit card processing.

2. Research our name on the World Wide Web and you’ll find the best credit card processing reviews have been left by our clients. We know that one of the biggest challenges to new and growing businesses is competing in the local and global markets, and to do so, business owners need a way to process credit cards quickly and securely. Our payment gateway is the answer; here’s why:

  • Affordability
  • Fast Set-up
  • Safe & secure for customers and clients
  • Streamlines the checkout process
  • Surcharge features available

3. If you’re fed up with banks and credit unions turning you away because you don’t have a credit history to show on paper, you’ll find Merchant Focus is a better solution for small business credit card payment processing. We take your application seriously, and our lenders will work with you to find card processing services that fit your budget.

4. We partner with high-risk business owners to cut through the red tape and help you grow a successful business. You may have become discouraged by the difficulties you’ve faced as a high-risk business owner; you may even be thinking about choosing a different industry or sector to avoid the hassles of high-risk card processing. At Merchant Focus, we don’t think that’s the right solution; rather, we want to encourage you by supporting your business choice and offering the best merchant services for small business.

5. Live website chat and customer service by phone make it easy for you to come to us with your questions and find real solutions to your payment gateway issues. You can always reach a Merchant Focus representative when you reach out to us; best of all, applying for your merchant account through our website is a simple process that takes just a few moments. Check out all of the free resources on our website to better understand everything we have to offer you as a client of Merchant Focus.