Credit Card Processing High Risk

Merchant Focus makes it easy to apply for credit card processing for high risk businesses, just like yours. If you’ve been turned down previously for a merchant account because of high risk products or due to the industry you serve, you may have thought your only solution was to close up shop and look for another type of business to invest in. The good news is, you don’t have to second guess your business- our partner, Authorize.Net is in the business of making our clients' dreams come true.

What Makes a High Risk Business a Risk?

Several factors can put you at risk and make it more difficult to open a merchant account; one or more may apply:

  1. Your business is in an industry with a high ratio of chargebacks
  2. You’re a new business without a clear history of credit card processing
  3. The products you sell are typically big-ticket items

Some banks and lenders assume that all businesses that fall under one of these categories will respond to circumstances in the same way, but at Merchant Focus, we think that’s unfair. We feel that every business owner deserves the opportunity to build a successful business and compete in the market, regardless of the type of business or the products or services they sell.

Can My Business Succeed Without Processing Credit Cards?

In a word, no. To succeed in today’s highly competitive market, it’s necessary to provide shoppers with many different methods of payment, including the most convenient way to pay: credit cards. It’s estimated that more than 95% of customers and clients want to use their cards for payment. Adding a PayPal button or link to your website will not be sufficient in gaining the confidence of your clientele; you’ll also need to provide a secure payment gateway that shows your professionalism and commitment to safeguarding payment information.

Is Credit Card Processing For High Risk Businesses Affordable?

The real question is whether you can afford to keep your business afloat without the ability to process Visa and MasterCard payments. Being deemed a high risk business typically means you’ll pay a bit more for your merchant account services; however, if that’s what it takes to grow a successful business on the internet or in your retail location, it’s worth the extra service costs- at least our customers seem to think so. See what you think after speaking with one of our knowledgeable agents when you call Merchant Focus.

Access Free Resources On Our Website

You’ll find more information about credit card processing for high risk businesses when you explore the ‘Merchant Accounts’ section of our site. Click the ‘High Risk Accounts’ link from the menu and fill out the application form provides; we’ll be in touch shortly with additional information and resources for you to look over. If you have questions, you can chat live with a Merchant Focus agent or call our helpline to get started. Get up and running soon with a new merchant account and payment gateway that will allow you to do business in today’s high-paced market with the help of Merchant Focus.