Credit Card Processing Machine

The best credit card processing machine software comes from Merchant Focus. For many years, we have worked directly with large and small businesses to enhance payment processing capabilities. The traditional payment terminal has become a thing of the past as digital credit card processor machines, and payment processing takes control.

At Merchant Focus, we utilize credit card processing software from Authorize.Net. Electronic check payments, digital payments, and credit card payments all are handled seamlessly. Electronic check processing has replaced traditional checks and the need for a physical credit card terminal.

Authorize.Net is among the best credit card machine processors available to date. The technology routes all financial transactions similar to traditional credit card machines without using a phone line.

Internet connectivity has replaced the need for a phone line to complete and authorize transactions. Merchant businesses can utilize our payment gateways to accept digital payments in real-time.

Protective Advanced Fraud Detection Suite Optional

Merchant Focus offers protective software for virtual terminals and flags suspicious activities for further review. The Advanced Fraud Detection Suite can pinpoint potentially fraudulent transactions before they fully process through the system.

Address Service Verification and Card Code Verification safety features prevent fraud and report a transaction in incredible detail. Free customer support and service comes included with any of the Authorize.Net security processing software we have to offer.

Integrating the best aspects of Authorize.Net to your website is straightforward and based on your preferred method. All software maintains risk management features that safeguard all sensitive data by complying with all Payment Card Industry Data Security regulations. All previously settled transactions can easily upload to any existing QuickBooks accounts for added convenience.

The configuration is only needed one time to promote long term imports automatically. Virtual terminals are multiplying in credibility with advancing security features that significantly reduce potential risks.

Free Credit Card Terminal for New Retail Accounts

New clients can receive a free brick and mortar payment terminal packed with the most advanced software. Retail merchants can access our detailed payment solutions to save their business tons of money. Zero percent processing with a free surcharge terminal enhances the competitive range of your brand within its industry.

High-risk business model solutions with access to capital funding are standard services offered by Merchant Focus. International and domestic processing power is at your fingertips, waiting for you to take advantage of its impressive capabilities.

High-risk industries aren’t automatically turned away by the staff at Merchant Focus. We believe in helping all operating professionals with customized solutions guaranteed to provide results.

Best Credit Card Payment Solutions for All Businesses

Setting up services with our staff at Merchant Focus is one step in the right direction for future achievements and growth. You can enjoy having retail processing that covers all payment bases and showcases their potential for success. Let us work with you to find the perfect balance within your industry.

International and high-risk merchants still have plenty of opportunities at Merchant Focus. Please consider giving our team a call at 1-800-895-4085 to discuss available credit card processing and payment solutions.