High Risk Credit Card Processing

High risk credit card processing is not a problem for Merchant Focus- we work with business owners everyday who own retail and website businesses deemed a high risk by conventional lenders. If your merchant request has been turned down by your bank, credit union, or alternative agency, we have an affordable solution available that will help you get up and running quickly. Our partners at Authorize.Net are committed to the success of our clients, so you’ll never have to worry about being labeled a high risk merchant again.

What Does High Risk Mean?

Banks and other lenders refer to certain types of businesses as a high risk factor when they feel it’s not in their own best interest to approve their merchant account. Businesses that fall under the category of high risk are often service providers with no inventory that can be used as collateral or businesses that trade in a commodity that has not yet proven its worth in the market. You may be considered high risk if your business falls under one of the following headings:

  • Cannabis or CBD
  • Memberships or subscriptions
  • Online gambling
  • Financial or legal services
  • Travel or hospitality
  • Health or wellness
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Computer hardware and software

Merchant Focus Approves High Risk Credit Card Processing Applications

A bank’s rejection is not the end of the road; we think businesses in every sector deserve a chance to succeed; we’ll make it our highest priority to find an affordable solution to your payment gateway needs. We’re confident that through our actions, you’ll see significant growth in your business with an increased ability to make sales. You’ll find a wealth of information on our FAQ page, including answers to the following questions?

  • What credit cards can I accept?
  • How do I resolve a chargeback?
  • How can I prevent fraud?
  • Do you pull credit to approve merchant accounts?
  • What is a payment gateway?

Why Wait to Get Started?

Use our Quick Application online at Merchant Focus to get in touch with one of our agents today- we’ll respond with more information and help you determine whether we’re the right merchant account provider to work with in growing your business. You may have been led to believe that high risk credit card processing was not a possibility, when in fact, it’s a lot easier and more affordable than you may think. The key to success is in choosing the right merchant account provider.

Is PayPal Enough?

PayPal’s logo on your website is typically not enough to gain the confidence of potential customers and clients, and while it can offer a boost to your sales, you’ll still need to have major credit card logos on your site, as well. With approval from Merchant Focus, you can accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover transactions, and still keep your PayPal button as an alternative payment method for buyers who prefer the security of PayPal payments. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to a Merchant Focus specialist.