High Risk Ecommerce Merchant Account

Merchant Focus can approve your high risk ecommerce merchant account in less time than your bank- and we can save you money when you choose us for online or in-store credit card processing services. If you’ve been labeled a high risk by a conventional lender, there’s help available from Merchant Focus. We’ll look for the most affordable way to get you up-and-running with ecommerce services that give your customers or clients a greater sense of confidence than merely being able to accept checks and cash.

Everything You Need to Know About High-Risk Credit Card Processing

You’ve chosen an industry or business sector that happens to fall into the high risk category, and while your bank would like you to reconsider your choice, Merchant Focus would rather empower your decisions by helping you get set-up to succeed in competing with other businesses. The difference between a conventional lender and Merchant Focus is that we’re interested in the success of your business. Everything your bank does is to ensure their own bottom line is enhanced; we prefer building a relationship with our clients that leads to mutual success.

Your Ecommerce Merchant Store Has to Process Credit Cards

It’s not a question of whether a payment gateway will increase existing sales; the fact is, without a secure payment gateway, you’ll miss out on doing business with the estimated 98% of online shoppers who want to pay for items using their Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card. In order to compete in today’s market, you’ll need a high risk ecommerce merchant account.

What is a High Risk Business?

Ecommerce payment processing for high risk business can be risky for the lender because of the high percentage of chargebacks associated with your chosen sector. Merchant Focus understands the unique challenges of the high risk category and we choose to work with high risk business owners because our services fill a gap left by conventional lenders. You may think that specialty account features will cost a lot more than if your bank had approved your high risk ecommerce merchant account, but the fact is, our card processing services are very affordable.

What Are the Best Ecommerce Solutions?

Merchant Focus has the right solution for every type of business, whether it’s an online Web store, a community retail store, or a business that sometimes relies on mobile sales. You won’t ever miss another sale when you choose us for your high risk ecommerce merchant account. When you accept credit card payments online, you’ll watch in amazement as your sales skyrocket; it’s easier than you think to have your application approved by a Merchant Focus specialist.

Affordable Ecommerce Credit Card Processing

Consider your merchant account one of the best financial investments you make in your business this year- it’s the ideal solution to your high risk challenges. Contact Merchant Focus with any questions at 800-895-4085; our agents are always happy to help, whether you need assistance with your application or just have a few questions.