High Risk Payment Processing

High risk payment processing doesn’t have to come at an impossible cost- Merchant Focus can offer you affordable access to credit card processing on your website, in your store, and on-the-go, when you turn to us for your payment processing needs. Once your business is labeled a high risk, you may find it difficult to get a lender to take your merchant account application seriously; that’s not a problem when you call Merchant Focus. We work with businesses in virtually all industries who look to us for cost-effective solutions to gaining new sales. Stop thinking in terms of risk and let our agents show you solutions that fit your budget.

Can a High Risk Business Succeed Without a Merchant Account?

The fact of the matter is that no business in today’s market can compete with other websites and retail locations without the ability to take credit card payments; with 9 out of 10 customers looking for a way to pay with their card, it’s easy to see how many sales you’ll miss out on if you only accept checks through the mail or PayPal payments. The good news is that Merchant Focus can help with the approval of your merchant account when you contact us to get started today.

Why is My Business Classified as High Risk?

There are certain products and industries that raise red flags with lenders; it may be due to a single factor or combined factors, but most likely stems from one of the following:

  • Big ticket products sold at your business
  • A service or industry with a high chargeback ratio
  • The inability to show a history of credit card processing

Your high risk profile may change over time, so you’re not necessarily locked into the stigma of being a risk to your lender. Let Merchant Focus get you started with high risk payment processing capabilities that will help you compete better in your industry and prove yourself to lenders over time.

Start Growing Your Business

The single most important feature customers are looking for when they visit a website is whether they are able to securely checkout with products or services. Credit card information protection is important to your customers- and it’s important to Merchant Focus. Being able to give shoppers the secure experience they’re looking for online means nothing will stand in the way of your business’ growth. With an approved merchant account, you can process Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, with the added option of including a PayPal button or link on your site so you’ll never miss a sale again.

Why Merchant Focus for High Risk Payment Processing?

We believe in our customers, and we invest the time and resources needed to secure the approval of your merchant account with our lending partner, Authorize.Net. We’re of the opinion that every business owner deserves the opportunity to compete in the World Wide Market, expand their business, and take advantage of the benefits provided by today’s technology. Call a Merchant Focus agent for more information.