High Risk Payment Processors

Get to know our knowledgeable high risk payment processors from Merchant Focus when you need a merchant account for your website, retail store, or mobile business. We can put you in touch with the best credit card processor solutions of the day and fast-track your account application so you can start taking credit card payments immediately. If you’re having a difficult time getting set up with a payment gateway, your worries are over when you choose Merchant Focus.

Your Guide to High-Risk Payment Processing

Since high-risk businesses are more prone to chargebacks from customers, many banks and lending institutions shy away from approving merchant accounts for businesses that fall within certain categories. If you applied for a merchant account and received a notification of rejection due to high-risk aspects of your business, you may have thought you were restricted to taking cash or personal checks from here on out, but that doesn’t have to be your story. Merchant Focus offers consistent solutions for high-risk businesses; you could be up and running in no time with eCommerce tools, in-store credit card payment options, and mobile card acceptance, as well.

Credit Card Processing, Lowest Prices For Services

You’ve probably come across information on the Web that mentioned the additional costs of high-risk payment processors and worried about having to do business with credit card processing companies that were only interested in your money. Merchant Focus has more in mind than our own bottom line- we are genuinely committed to helping each of our clients succeed in their chosen industry. As such, we have created a surcharge program that allows you to charge your customers a small fee that eliminates your processing fee and improves your monthly revenue.

Get to Know Merchant Focus

Type our name into your preferred directory and read the best credit card processing reviews on the Web for Merchant Focus. We’re confident that after you see the way we are meeting the needs of other clients, you’ll want to take advantage of our merchant account program and the benefits provided. Small business credit card payment processing is crucial to your online or retail business; in fact, it’s almost impossible to succeed in today’s business world without the ability to accept credit card payments. We make it easy and affordable for you to get set up.

Contact Merchant Focus

You most certainly have questions for our agents regarding a new merchant account, and we are more than happy to answer them. Contact us for a free consultation and quotation by calling 800-895-4085.

Just because your business is deemed a high-risk, you don’t have to choose another industry. At Merchant Focus, we know you’ve put a lot of thought and work into starting up a new business; rest assured we will be there for you with cost-effective options when you need a merchant account. Speak with our high risk payment processors today and start taking credit card payments immediately. Explore the resources on our website for more information.