Merchant Account Affiliate Program Residual

Your online business offers you various ways to make money. One option that you may want to consider is an affiliate program. At Merchant Focus, we offer a merchant account affiliate program with residual income opportunities for your company. You can offer a variety of programs that you can use that will give you the chance to make residual income. You can make money by referring potential customers to our website.

What is a Merchant Account Affiliate Program Residual?

A merchant account affiliate program is a way to refer customers to our services. When a potential client visits our site or makes a purchase through your referral, we provide you with payment. This is called a merchant account affiliate program residual payment. There is no better way to make passive income on your website, then with partnering with a reliable company such as Merchant Focus. We offer a wide selection of merchant account options for clients in all types of industries.

Programs We Offer

At Merchant Focus, we have several programs that you can offer that will provide you with merchant account affiliate program residual payments. Our mobile merchant account services give your customers in the field a way to process payments. We will give an e-card reader for iPhone, iPads, or Android devices. Best of all, we provide customers the equipment to use free of charge when they activate a new merchant account with us. We can also offer your customers lower rates for in-person transactions, or they can utilize a low-cost customer terminal. Our e-commerce program gives you the ability to provide your customers access to merchant accounts to process transactions on their websites.

What Can We Expect With Merchant Focus?

Merchant Focus is a customer-oriented account services company that is both reliable and affordable. We provide you with several options, such as merchant accounts for high-risk companies and more. We assign an account representative to assist customers with the application and underwriting process. After we complete underwriting, we help with the integration of an account with a mobile device or website. You can embed the links into appropriate areas of your web pages. We provide all the marketing messages, graphics, and sales support. We also offer a toll-free number and the chat option for increased functionality.

How to Integrate Our Application into Your Website

At Merchant Focus, we offer a couple of ways to integrate our online merchant account application into your website. You can choose a co-branded application where customers can quickly sign up for services. This is the simplest and most straightforward way to access the program. Alternatively, you can integrate via our API that gives you access to the host application directly from your website. We can provide further details about this option. The best way to start the referral program is to speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives. We will be happy to answer your questions and give you the options that will best fit your needs. Contact Merchant Focus today.