Merchant Account Processing

Merchant account processing is more affordable than ever, thanks to Merchant Focus; our commitment to helping each client find the most budget-friendly way to grow their business is evidenced by our high volume of positive reviews. If you’re an eCommerce merchant store or retail store owner, you’ll need to find a cost-effective way to accept credit card payments- we have the best solution for your business. Contact Merchant Focus by calling 800-895-4085 to learn more.

Q: How does eCommerce payment processing work through Merchant Focus?

A: We can get your Web store set up to securely take credit cards as payment for your services or products. Using our reliable payment gateway solution, your customers or clients will find the checkout process easy and glitch-free. We understand that it is essential for your website visitors to engage with a simple-to-use and highly secure platform; we have the best solution for businesses of every size.

Q: Do I need to take cards on my site?

A: Fully 98% of online customers expect to use their credit cards when paying for items or services- imagine cutting out 98% of your sales potential and expecting to compete in your industry! Web shoppers typically won’t wait for a check to go through the mail- they want the convenience of online purchase power that comes from instant credit card payments. The best eCommerce solutions are those that offer your website visitors numerous payment options.

Q: What is the easiest way to accept credit card payments online?

A: It’s not enough to place a PayPal button on your site and hope that shoppers recognize the PayPal logo; shoppers are looking for Visa/Mastercard/Discover logos for checkout confidence. It’s easier than you may think to get se-up for immediate credit card payments- simply contact a Merchant Focus agent about Merchant Account Processing and we’ll provide all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Q: Can Merchant Focus help with retail store card payments?

A: If you need a retail account, we can provide a credit card terminal for each location and/or a mobile device that ensures you’ll never miss another sale due to not being able to take a card payment. While some shoppers in your store may be apt to use a personal check, you’ll still need a way for card users to seamlessly checkout in your store or while you’re on-the-go.

Q: The bank told me I was a high-risk business owner- what does that mean?

A: Typically, high-risk businesses have a high percentage of chargebacks; some conventional lenders don’t want to deal with the hassles of multiple chargebacks because they can tie up their investment while charges are being disputed and settled. At Merchant Focus, we work with high-risk business owners in nearly every sector imaginable. It is our belief that every business owner deserves the opportunity to succeed in today’s market- even those deemed a high-risk.

For affordable Ecommerce credit card processing, retail processing solutions, and mobile options, contact Merchant Focus at 800-895-4085 for the best merchant account processing services available.