Mobile Credit Card Processing

Cash and cheque payments are fast being replaced by mobile wallets, bank transfers, and cashless payments. Many customers prefer these modes of convenient payments. That has brought about a need for mobile credit card processing services in businesses. At Merchant Focus, we have partnered with many businesses to set up card readers at the point of purchase and mobile processors to take orders wherever your clients are.

Benefits of Mobile Payments

One of the best ways of offering a unique customer experience is by providing convenient payment services. Mobile credit card processing services are unmatched when it comes to convenience. With the advancement in technology to accommodate such services, there are various reasons you should think of adopting this method, including:

  • Simplified Pricing

Unlike conventional processors that want you to enter long-term contracts, many mobile processors offer short-term contracts, which is a better option for small or new businesses. Besides, the terms are easier to understand with mobile processors, and the fees and rates are also lower.

  • Mobile Payment Processing is Easy

Being able to accept and process mobile payment is easy for any business. All you need is a tablet or smartphone, a simple mobile card terminal, and you’re good to go. The set-up time is also very fast. The latest mobile payment systems come with intuitive software that has simple, direct prompts, enabling accurate checkout.

  • Location

Before, you needed a hard-wired terminal at a brick and mortar location to accept and process credit cards. But with mobile technology, you can use your tablet or smartphone to accept payments anywhere. This is especially an added advantage if your business doesn’t always operate from a fixed location. For instance, if you’re conducting business from a farmers market or trade show, a mobile credit card processor will be invaluable. Further, not many clients prefer carrying cash. Being able to process your customers' payment cards will ensure you don't miss out on an opportunity to close sales.

  • Safer Option

Before, doing business meant accepting cash. However, cash is cumbersome, and it’s prone to theft. In addition, cash does not leave a paper trail, which may make accounting hard. Mobile credit card processing, on the other hand, means accepting mobile payments. This is safer than dealing with cash and protects both you and your clients. It also has a paper trail, allowing you to manage your operations more efficiently.

  • Presentation

There’s no denying that presentation means a lot in today’s marketplace. To consumers, making a purchase is just as important as the experience. When you’re able to process payments with a mobile device, it's not only easy and convenient; but it also looks sleek and sophisticated compared to using a bulky processing machine.

Innovative and Integrated Online Payment Processing Solutions

To operate and manage your businesses effectively, you need a convenient and efficient payment system that works seamlessly. A mobile credit card processing system will offer you such first-class service. It also improves managing and money tracking capabilities within your business. Contact Merchant Focus today on 800-895-4085 to get started.