Payment Gateway Providers

You’re searching for reputable payment gateway providers who can help you grow your business and make more sales each month. Merchant Focus can help you overcome the stigma of being a high risk business owner, and can offer you exclusive benefits when you choose us for your merchant account approval. Our partners at Authorize.Net make credit card processing online simple and affordable for your business. Find out more when you reach out to one of our service specialists by phone or using our website’s form.

3 Ways Credit Card Processing Will Benefit Your Business

1. Customer confidence will soar when you’re able to provide a safe and reliable method for credit card processing. Asking for a credit card number over the phone or through email communication can leave potential buyers feeling uneasy. Even a PayPal button on your website is typically not enough to give website visitors the impression that you’re a professional. When customers see that you’re working with reputable payment gateway providers, they’ll feel inclined to buy from you.

2. Nine out of ten online shoppers want to use their credit cards to make purchases because it’s convenient and secure. If you’re unable to provide this very necessary service, they’ll simply look elsewhere for the items they want to buy online. Don’t miss out on sales that will help you grow your business; contact merchant Focus to find out about our payment gateway providers, Authorize.Net.

3. Introducing credit card payments to your website will positively impact your bottom line by allowing potential customers and clients to buy from you; buyers who may be hesitant to make a purchase on your website in the absence of a credit card checkout. Seeing a safe and secure e-commerce bottom, they’ll be more inclined to hit the ‘Buy’ button or link on your site.

You’re not a High Risk to Merchant Focus

The stigma of being a high risk merchant is a difficult label to overcome and can often mean defeat early on in your business. You don’t have to change strategies; you simply need a partner who recognizes the fact that your business is legitimate and that you deserve the chance to compete in today’s market. Merchant Focus can assist with your merchant account approval so that you can accept credit card payments online, in your retail store location, and even on-the-go.

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