We don't want to be your first processor. We want to be your last processor!

Pricing Model

Do you currently process over $250,000 annually in Visa/MC? Merchant Focus offers premium accounts that will save you money.

At Merchant Focus, our pricing model on our premium accounts is unique in the bankcard industry!

It is very important for merchants to have full transparency in the rates they pay for each type of Visa/MasterCard accepted.

We offer a Savings Guarantee

With a Merchant Focus Interchange Plus Pricing account we guarantee we can save you money compared to your existing merchant account.* If we can't show you savings, we'll send you a $500 American Express Gift Card. * Minimum $250,000 per year of Visa/MasterCard sales required.

Take the first step towards savings now: Please complete our Statement Analysis Form and one of our experienced sales executives will contact you promptly.

    If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us as sales@merchantfocus.com or at 866-637-2606 ext. 2.