Sell Used Lab Instruments

Selling Used Lab Equipment

If you’re interested in selling used laboratory equipment please contact us directly. We will create your laboratory instuments listings and market your equipment free of cost. Although you may not see value in your used laboratory equipment, you would be surprised by the amount of people looking for your second-hand instruments.

When selling your used laboratory equipment through Arc Scientific, your laboratory instuments is sold to end-users around the globe. This approach  ensures we are maximizing your return.

Choose Arc Scientific to sell your used laboratory equipment today and see how easy it is!

Maximize Your Return

Maximize the return on your investment by selling your used laboratory equipment through Arc Scientific . We have various sales channels including; auction, outright purchase by Arc Scientific, and brokerage/consignment.

Our technical sales representatives position the equipment to prospective buyers with projects requiring your equipment. We are here to advise you throughout the entire selling process whether it’s an outright purchase, auction transaction, or private treaty sale.

Feel free to provide us with some basic information in the form below so that we can start evaluating your equipment. We provide free desktop appraisals and advise you on the best approach given your current situation.

Please provide us with all relevant details on the equipment you are selling. Make, model, serial number, description, condition, est. weights & dimensions. Drag & Drop photos/videos (25 mb max).

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