Used Laboratory Equipment

Arc Scientific offers a wide-range of laboratory instuments services. We work with skilled technicians who can repair your used laboratory equipment and we also offer complete refurbishment. If you are removing laboratory instuments from your facility please allow us to help with the proper decontamination of the laboratory instuments and store your science lab equipment offsite if necessary. When selling your assets consider our appraisal and online auction services. Rely on us to source the right instrument at a great price through procurement group. Rest assured knowing you are in good hands when using our laboratory instuments services. 

Repair, Maintenance & Refurbishment

Arc Scientific can offer technicians whom can provide onsite lab equipment repair and maintenance services. In addition, equipment can be shipped to local repair centers for service at your convenience.

Typically, refurbishment of your equipment would be done at one of the regional repair facilities. We partners repair and refurbish a broad range of equipment including; HPLCs, GC’s, Mass Specs, Viscosity Equipment, Vacuum Ovens, Mixers & Stirrers, Pumps, Baths/Circulators, and many other types of general lab equipment.

The technicians are available on short notice to provide you professional lab equipment repair services. At Arc Scientific we can also offer complete lab maintenance plans to keep your lab up and running so that your equipment can be fully utilized with little downtime. 

Online Lab Equipment Auctions

Arc Scientific uses a wide-reaching global platform to host your online auction which gives you a broad audience of prospective buyers. Our events are marketed to a database with over 600,000 potential buyers and additionally promoted through the web which ensures the best possible return on your assets.

Pre-auction services including inventorying, equipment logistics planning, decommissioning, and vendor selection are provided by Arc Scientific and these aspects are essential to a successful auction.  Through a live online auction the event is broadcasted with both real-time audio and video which helps to engage the bidders and increase bidding activity.

The auction platform is computer and mobile friendly allowing buyers to bid anywhere, anytime, and across all devices.

Lab Equipment Removal & Decommissioning

Arc Scientific is highly experienced in coordinating the decommissioning, removal, prepping, and shipping of laboratory instruments and general equipment. We offer decontamination services to ensure that your equipment meets all regulatory requirements.

It's critical that all equipment from the lab be properly decommissioned and decontaminated before removing it from the area. All materials that may have been stored or used in the equipment should be removed and disposed of. 

All lab equipment will be given a Decontamination Certificate indicating that it's gone through our process. The equipment will also be tagged as decommissioned.

Equipment will not be accepted for storage, consignment, or shipping without proper the documentation. Strict guidelines are followed in order to guarantee safe handling of your lab equipment.

Procurement Services

Allow our procurement team to source the best solutions for your lab while meeting your specifications and budget. We take into account the time constraints of your project and offer both new and used solutions.

Searching for the exact instrument or equipment for your lab can be time consuming and stressful. Allow us to leverage our network of lab equipment vendors to get you the best price, quality, and service you deserve.

At Arc Scientific we ensure that you are offered proper warranties, service contracts, and terms of sale possible so that you can focus on your core business.

Consignment & Storage

In many cases we understand that the equipment must be removed from the premises and sometimes under very tight timelines.

We can offer proper storage facilities where your equipment can be stored for future use or stored and sold under a consignment arrangement.

Our consignment offering is ideal because it allows you to have peace of mind knowing that you are protecting your investment we coordinating the handling of the entire asset disposition process from storage to sale.

Appraisal Services

We offer free desktop appraisals of your assets and we are can provide onsite evaluations of your equipment as needed. Our specialists are familiar with a wide variety lab instruments and equipment while also knowing market trends and overall demand.

Depending upon your timelines, we are able to give you an estimated return for your surplus lab laboratory equipment. Outright purchase, auction and brokerage return estimates vary, so allow us to educate you on the process and develop the best strategy catered to your needs.

If you simply want to donate your equipment to an educational institution or scrap your assets we can handle the process for you.

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