E Commerce Merchant Account

The ability to exchange goods for money has undergone rapid growth in the last twenty years. The e-commerce industry has dramatic, disruptive tools that create many different opportunities for merchants and consumers. Consumers do not have to preserve the limitation of buying form the locality when they can easily use many different payment options form around the world. The most important thing is that you choose a payment service that is widely popular for your target.

What to consider when choosing an e commerce merchant processor

The payment processing partner is vital for the ecommerce website. It is wise you take the time to find a merchant provider with the right components for your service. The following are indicators of the most trustworthy platform and qualities of all accounts on Merchant Focus.

PCI compliance

The payment gateway stores client data, and should therefore have optimal security to ensure continued safety.


Any ecommerce platform provider will integrate some form of software into the ecommerce system. The business needs a payment process that will easily merge into the company for a successful operation.

The best notion of an e-commerce system is that it should have a high level of technical expertise for different carting portals. It should not be difficult to connect the payment processor to the shopping cart and website. We can help you reduce the IT configuration process by getting you a merchant account that is easy to integrate and edit.

Contract terms

The contract of an e-commerce merchant account provider can be as challenging as trying to sever ties with a complicated cell phone or cable service provider. The difficulties you will face depend on the details of the contract agreement between the provider and the client. One-sided agreements are typically costly because they have charge fees that are avoidable with a little tweak in the agreement.

It would help if you consult a provider to determine the ease of changing terms before the end of the period. Enquire about automatic renewals and the possibility of penalties. We seek to give you a free business platform that will not lock you into a contract for slight mishaps. We do not use contract bindings to enforce loyalty and will use various technical upgrades to exemplify customer service.


Customers are entrusting you with money and their credit card data when they complete a transaction.  A data breach will cost you customers and inflict reputational damage that will be impossible to fix. Different providers have different security systems to address different vulnerabilities. You must get the specifics of our security system for further clarification of how merges into your business.

Processing rate

How much do you want to pay for the credit card transaction? The provider has personalized fees that typically fall into the following types:

  • Flat rate prices – The simple charging method has a fixed percentage and predictability
  • Tiered pricing – The interchange fees are complex and different for every provider, and aim to reduce the processing volume

Business owners only need the right information to choose the best payment processor. Different providers have different satisfactions points and should have a healthy and positive relationship for the highest transaction volume. Contact 800-895-4085 for more details and a quote.