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Revenue Opportunities
Merchant Focus = Reseller Opportunities

What does 30% ongoing residuals from "all sources of income" really mean?

When projecting revenue, it is important to understand our philosophy if you are going to be referring your clients to us, especially since we will be handling their money, and by extension, your commissions!

When we state only R3 pays you a full 30% residual from all sources of income, that includes revenue most affiliate programs don't share with their referral partners, namely income from all Interchange categories, chargeback income and credit return income. Probably the worst offenders are those processors that offer their resellers a "buy rate" to mark up, allowing you to keep the difference. We share revenue from every transaction fee, gateway fee, processing fee, statement fee etc. At the same time, we offer very competitive rates and fees, so not only are your merchants getting a great deal and world class processing and service, you are sharing fairly in the revenue we earn from your merchants. This is a win-win-win relationship! We wouldn't have it any other way...

What can you typically earn from a merchant account?

Merchant Focus offers Three Tiered Billing accounts and Premium Interchange Plus Pricing accounts to merchants that process $250,000 per year or more.

Three Tiered Billing: Merchant accounts for clients brand new to eCommerce, Retail, and Mobile credit card processing.  Averaging revenue over tens of thousands of clients over the years, the typical brand new merchant will create approximately $40 per month in income.

  • Resellers can expect to receive approximately $12 per month in recurring revenue.

Premium Interchange-Plus Pricing: Interchange-Plus merchant accounts for clients currently processing at least $250,000 annually in V/MC. Averaging revenue over thousands of larger merchants over the years, the typical high volume merchant will create approximately $300 per month in income.

  • Resellers can expect to receive approximately $90 per month in recurring revenue.

Some facts about credit card processing:

There are over 270 Interchange categories that are set by MasterCard® and Visa®.

For example, there are 25 (yes that is correct: twenty five) categories for VISA Debit Cards alone. The Interchange fees for VISA Debit Cards depend on many factors such as whether the card is used at a restaurant, a supermarket, a rental car company, etc., whether the card’s magnetic stripe is swiped through a terminal, whether the card is “key entered” into a terminal, whether the card is entered into a shopping cart on a website using Address Verification for eCommerce, and whether the card is provided over the phone to a Mail or Phone Order merchant.

Level Playing Field: every ISO & Processor are subject to the exact same Interchange fees.

No processor has a pricing advantage over any other. Based on the demographic of cardholders, whether they are using debit cards (high revenue), consumer credit cards (low revenue), rewards cards (depends on how ethical the processor is), corporate cards (typically high markup), international cards (typically high markup), etc., the revenue from credit card processing will differ vastly.

Most processors "simplify" the complexity of Interchange by bundling merchants' Visa/MasterCard rates into three tiered billing of Qualified and Non Qualified rates. This is how we do it at Merchant Focus, and is appropriate for new and small merchants, and ethical when the rates and fees are fairly applied.

For your larger clients we offer Premium Interchange-Plus Pricing, where our pricing model is unique in the bankcard industry! We have no monthly fees of any kind! In addition, merchants have full transparency in the rates they pay for each type of Visa/MasterCard accepted on their monthly statements.

Merchant Focus has one of the most generous residual plans in the industry.

At 30% you will share significant income from your merchant referrals, for as long as they use our services. We feature an online residual system where you can track your merchant's processing volume and monitor exactly how much income each merchant account produced. You receive your check every month in the mail along with a printed residual report. What can I make from partnering with

To learn more about becoming a Reseller, please contact us at 800-895-4085 ext. 6 or email our team at

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